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My name is Mike Umbreit and I am a photographer.  If that sounds like an addiction...well it is!  I started taking pictures as a kid when my grandparents first gave me a 35mm film camera.  I felt like I was somebody, walking around with my camera and light meter.  I never did take too many pictures with that camera because I could not afford the film or processing.  I normally shot slides as it was cheaper than prints, but I still had to think about each shot.

Later in high school, I finally had enough money to buy a Minolta SRT 202.  That was quite exciting.  No more carrying around a light meter and the settings were visible through the viewfinder.  I also managed to purchase a zoom telephoto lens and a couple of accessories.  I still have that camera and it still works even after my son used it for his high school photography class.  My wife and I have had a few pocket cameras along the way because it was too much to carry around my SLR when our two kids were young.  I will even have to admit that photography took a back seat to family for a long time.

I have now moved into the Digital SLR world and love it.  With that step up and the thousands of pictures I have taken, I now consider myself a photographer.  Initially, my focus was strictly on nature shots.  I loved being outdoors taking walks with my wife and my camera.  Since then, I have started to take pictures of just about anything, from macro images of flowers and bugs to High Dynamic Range (HDR) shots of Chicago.  I have even done some portrait work in my home.

I am glad you took the time to stop by and check out some of my work.  I am not in the photography business yet...but I am building up one heck of a portfolio.   :-)


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